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Open MRI


An open MRI is an MRI machine configured differently from conventional MRI to provide more comfort and ease to the patients. As the name suggests, an open MRI is open with magnets below and above the patient. Rather than being an enclosed capsule, all its four sides are open, making the patient stress-free. Open space helps in reducing anxiety and also benefits claustrophobic patients. It is a comfortable modality, especially for children, obese patients, and people with broad shoulders. Open MRI is mainly designed keeping in mind the comfort of the patient. With an open space, the patients tend to fidget less which leads to fewer retakes, detailed images, and accurate results.


An open MRI scan process


In an open MRI, just as a conventional MRI, no metal objects can be taken inside during the scan. The patient needs to remove all jewelry and accessories that can interfere with the MRI scan process. The scan procedure can take 15 to 90 minutes depending on the body part being scanned and the number of images to be taken. 
After the scan


After the completion of the open MRI scan examination, the computer creates visual 3-D images of the areas that were scanned. These images can be transferred to a hard copy (i.e a film). The radiologist interprets the MRI images as a report.
Is an open MRI safe?


Yes. An Open MRI is a safe modality. The scan involves no ionizing radiation, which means the patient is not exposed to potentially harmful radiation. Individuals with any kind of implantable electronic device, such as pacemakers, aneurysm clips, implantable defibrillators etc., should avoid the scan or consult the technician on-site before opting for the scan.


Common uses of an open MRI scan


An open MRI generates sufficient magnetic resonance imaging for the following purposes:


  • Brain routine scan
  • Cervical spine scan
  • Dorsal spine scan
  • Lumbar spine scan
  • Shoulder joint scan
  • Elbow joint scan
  • Wrist joint scan
  • Hand scan
  • Knee joint scan
  • Ankle joint scan
  • Foot scan


Some Advantages of Open MRI over Closed MRI

1. Not enclosed like Conventional MRI
2. Less noise
3. Child friendly
4. Enables the technologist to tilt the patient


At HOD Rajouri Garden, we offer open MRI using the latest state-of-art technology to get precise and detailed images.

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