Whole Body PET-MRI Scan (FDG)

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    House Of Diagnostics in Association with Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Sarita Vihar, launched Indias First Simultaneous PET-MRI earlier in this decade. As compared to the traditional PET-CT Scan, the PET-MRI is a far superior modality in imaging. Firstly the MRI component of the scan emits zero radiation, unlike the CT scan which makes it a superior imaging option for pediatric and adult patients alike. Secondly, As MRI is far more superior to CT scan for soft tissue demarcation. The scan possesses a severe advantage over the PET-CT for many scans. For the first time, scans such as the Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Breast MRI or the MultiParametric Prostate MRI can be performed simultaneously along with PET Scan acquisition in a whole body scan setting whenever required. It is the German manufactured SIEMENS Biograph MMR machine, which helps achieve this remarkable milestone in medical imaging. Becoming the first user in the country, House Of Diagnostics and Apollo Hospitals pride itself in taking this initiative to bring India to the forefront of medical imaging technology. Please do read some of our interesting case studies, as we become one of the first institutions in the world to have crossed over 5,000 PET-MRI evaluations in 2019. A PET-MRI scan is a nuclear medicine imaging test used commonly to detect a range of cancers, heart diseases, neurological conditions, infections and PUO (Pyrexia of Unknown Origin). Radioactive glucose is injected and then taken up by tissues, which are in fasting state in your body. Activity within your body is then detected by the PET scanner which shows how tissue and organs are working. This Whole Body PET MRI Scan is most commonly used for Detection, Staging and Treatment Response for the Cancer, Please check the Whole Body PET MRI Scan cost, procedure and other details.

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