PET-CT Scan with Triple Phase CT Abdomen (FDG)

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    The PET CT Scan with Triple Phase Abdomen involves a Whole Body PET-CT Scan along with a special Triple Phase Evaluation for the Upper Abdomen. The PET-CT is a nuclear medicine imaging test used commonly to detect a range of cancers, heart diseases, neurological conditions, infections and PUO, Pyrexia of Unknown Origin. Radioactive glucose is injected and then taken up by tissues, which are in fasting state in your body. Activity within your body is then detected by the PET scanner which shows how tissue and organs are working. This test is most commonly used for Detection, Staging and Treatment Response for the Cancer in the body. Please check CT Abdomen PET-CT Scan with Triple Phase price in Delhi NCR, centers and other details here.

    Additional Preparation :

    4-6 hours of fasting is required. Blood test report for Urea and Creatinine is mandatory. For diabetic patients, please inform us at time of PET CT Scan FDG booking so needful guidance can be given to you. This test can only be performed if Blood sugar is less than 150 mg/dL at the time of testing. Incase your blood sugar levels are not under control, please plan your appointment after controlling your Blood Sugar levels with your treating physician. Do not consume excess sugar/starch/alcohol on the night before a test. For best results, please abstain from smoking for at least 03 days prior to your test. Please carry all your medical records to assist in the better report detailing and correlation. Since a special time-sensitive FDG dose is procured for you, please be on time for your appointment. The test may not be performable if you are late for the appointment. Cancellation charges of Rs. 5000/- will be applicable in case of no-show, late-show or cancellation after 8 pm the day prior.

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