HOD operates multiple Digital X-Ray centres which offer low-cost X-Ray Facilities in Delhi NCR. An X-ray examination is a painless way for clinicians to diagnose and monitor many health conditions. X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves and it produces images of bones and certain tissues within the body. In this, digital X-ray sensors are used for imaging instead of traditional photography film.

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Digital Chest X-Ray

A Digital Chest X Ray is a modern technique that uses sensors to immediately convert images into digital form. It produces high-definition images of the chest area, which are helpful in examining various chest-related diseases or monitoring the progress of a treatment. Digital Chest X Ray may be used to evaluate the lungs, heart and chest.

rupee 249 - rupee498

Digital X-Ray PNS

Digital X-Ray PNS (Para-Nasal Sinus) is an imagining test that is used to visualize details of the PNS. The test may refer to sinus X-Ray or X-Ray of paranasal sinus radiography. The X-Ray PNS test is usually performed with little to minimal pain or discomfort. X-Ray uses a small amount of radiation and is not to be performed during pregnancy.


Digital X-Ray Pelvis AP

Digital X-ray Pelvis is a way to visualize hip bones, thigh bones, hip joints, skin, and muscles around the pelvis. During the Digital X-ray imaging procedure, you may be asked to hold your breath and remain still to obtain clear pictures. Please note that these scans involve X-Ray radiation, and are not to be performed during pregnancy.


Advantages of Digital X-Ray:

  • Enhanced images
  • No radiation used to produce an image
  • Time efficiency
  • Immediate availability of the image to preview
  • Cost-efficient
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