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Uroflowmetry test, also known as the uroflow, measures how much and how fast urine flows out during urination. The test may be recommended if you have symptoms such as difficulty in urination, less urine discharge, and a weak urine stream. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure. Check out the Uroflowmetry test price at HOD centre near you.



FibroScan testing is a non-invasive and rapid imaging technique that uses a special patented technology by Echosens to assess liver health, measuring parameters such as

 • Liver elasticity for assessing fibrosis and cirrhosis

 • Fat (Steatosis) in the liver with Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP)

It can be used alone or in correlation with other tests. Due to its non-invasive and safe nature, it can be performed repeatedly to find out changes in a patient's liver health over a period of time, assessing the effects of lifestyle and treatment interventions. Find the best price in Delhi-NCR for FibroScan testing.


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