Affordable Pricing

House of Diagnostics envisions the delivery of high-quality and affordable diagnostic services to the broader population. We focus the highest of our attention to the attainment of this objective by leveraging our expertise to offer you affordable diagnostic services.

  • No Referral Policy: At House Of Diagnostics we pride ourselves on the fact that we pass on the benefit of industry wide referral practice directly to the customer in the form of discounted pricing. 
  • Economies of Scale: By leveraging our large pool of in-house Radiologists, Pathologists and consolidating operations using Cloud Computing, centralized PACS, and Centralized LIMS, we are able to consolidate our manpower for more effective operations and efficient cost management. 
  • Elimination of Middlemen: Elimination of middlemen such websites and referral programs to ensure that the entire benefit of discounting is passed to the end patient to achieve affordable healthcare for all
  • Total Lab Automation: A Laboratory Automation Solution (Track) allows us to lower costs by handling more samples with a limited manual intervention increasing reliability, reducing human dependency and increasing throughput, saving manpower cost while offering industry leading reliability enabled by process automation.